Fred Vanderburgh owns and operates Visions Unlimited Wildlife Studio which is a full service studio with a unique flare for artistic and quality taxidermy. It is not an assembly line shop, but a shop where all work is mounted by Fred and quality is foremost. His knowledge and techniques have won him many World, National, and International awards. Every mount is done with many of the same techniques used by him to achieve these awards. Only the best materials (i.e. eyes, forms, artificial parts) are used in his shop. All hides and capes are tanned to ensure your trophy will last a lifetime. All clients can rest assured knowing that their trophies are in the hands of a master, who has a passion for wildlife, quality and making your trophy come back to life. Our work is for everyone who wants quality.

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"We have had opportunities to hunt all over the world and have taken some unique trophies. With all the time and money invested in those adventures, the last place we want to skimp is with the taxidermist. Fred Vanderburgh's experience, artistry and knowledge of all species insures that we'll get a quality mount that will last a lifetime. Artistry is what really separates taxidermist. Anyone can "stuff" an animal, but artistry is what brings them back to life."
Tony & Tricia D'Agostino
"I cannot believe how realistic the deer looks. The detail that you capture is amazing. Thanks for the awesome work."
Brian Crumb
"I am writing to thank you for the impressive job that you did on my rainbow trout. Since I caught the fish in April, I had been bragging to my friends and family about it. My bragging was certainly justified by your work. By the way, the crate you built to protect the fish during shipment did the job (not a scratch). Once again, I sincerely compliment you on the quality of your work and thank you for the accommodations that you extended to me."
Noel Valdez
"I have had the privilege of archery hunting around the world from -62 degrees F for polar bear to +116 degrees F for the elusive coues deer in old Mexico. Needless to say I have spent countless inhospitable hours and money to pursue my dream. When the hunt is over there is only one person that can bring your memories back to life and that is Fred Vanderburgh. His attention to detail is impeccable, which is represented in the numerous national and world taxidermy awards he has won. So complete your hunt of a lifetime with taxidermy by Visions, you won't be disappointed! "
Mike Deschamps
" For my Trophies of a lifetime, I don't skimp...I want the best...
1. Good Optics, Good Shooting, and a Great Taxidermist.
2. That's why I choose Vision Unlimited... to keep the memories alive."
David Banfield
National Taxidermists Association United Taxidermists of New York