Taxidermy Instruction

A hands-on, in-depth study of quality taxidermy techniques from a master award-winning mammal taxidermist, all staged in a beautiful wooded area in the Northeast. The taxidermy studio is state-of-the-art and live reference whitetails are penned at the shop location for reference study and photos.

  • 3 days of courses in commercial and competition taxidermy techniques
  • Taxidermy casting, form alteration
  • Basic art and habitat concepts
  • Taxidermy interpretation of reference
  • "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect"
  • Taxidermy business plans and how to be successful
  • Live whitetail for taxidermy reference
  • Painting and finishing techniques
view photos of Fred's courses

Taxidermy Training Videos:

For the taxidermist who cannot spare the time or money of a hands-on school, learn whitetail and caribou taxidermy techniques from home. For high quality instructional videos at an affordable price contact Visions Unlimited Taxidermy

Taxidermy Reference Photos of Whitetail Deer

Outstanding whitetail reference pictures available this fall for your fall taxidermy season.


"I wanted to try out a few of the things you pointed out that I could do better on, so I applied then to a few of the commercial mounts that I recently finished. .....I even re-did the nostrils on the showpiece and took it to the NTA show and won the North American Champion, Bruchac Award, Van Dyke Award and the Taxid of the year! so....Thanks again!!"
Ed Piaskowski