Fred Vanderburgh was brought up and raised on a farm in Upstate New York where hard work and paying attention to detail was an everyday occurrence. His love of the outdoors and respect for its creatures led him to a career of taxidermy. Attention to detail and the never-ending study of reference, anatomy, and animal expression have been his life's study. Competitions and hard work have helped Fred reach a pinnacle both in the taxidermy industry but most important the respect of his peers. Through judging he has shared his knowledge and technology which in turn has helped many other taxidermists also become successful.

Fred is a master taxidermy artist, but not just a master artist, he is also a master teacher. As an artist, Fred remains open to change and is "blessed to do what he loves to do." Whether it's taxidermy, training or hunting, Visions Unlimited Taxidermy is a complete and expert package. Fred's rich imagination captures the drama and beauty of all wild creatures. In recent years, taxidermy has progressed beyond the imagination. Staying on top of that game and producing quality Taxidermy will be a lifelong quest pursued by Fred.

Hunting on safaris, the Arctic, Western Canada, Alaska and throughout the North American Continent. These experiences have me keen to the anatomy of these hunted species and the habitat in which they live. Combine that with Fred's abilities as a taxidermist assures you that your trophies will give his clients memories forever. His skills and total commitment to your trophy will bring you years of memories, long past the hunt.


Fred Vanderburgh is well known in the taxidermy industry, having many significant affiliations and connections.

  • Life time member of the National Taxidermy Association
  • Life time certified judge of the National Taxidermy Association
  • NTA certified Taxidermist
  • Sat on the Board of Directors for the National Taxidermy Association
  • Past president of the United Taxidermists of New York
  • Sat on Board of Directors for the United Taxidermists of New York
  • Past member of the International Guild of Taxidermy
  • NRA member
  • SCI member
  • Sponsor member of the Quality Deer Management Association


"Fred Vanderburgh has established himself as one of the top mammal taxidermists in the United States. He is a highly sought-after judge and instructor, and has served as a judge in the mammal categories at the past two World Shows. He offers mammal workshops at his taxidermy studio, which is located in Van Etten, New York."
Larry Blomquist, Breakthrough Magazine, Winter 2010, Ask the Pros